5 ways Canada’s workforce will change in 20 years…


Statistics Canada expects Canada's labour force to get a lot older and a lot more ethnically diverse over the next two decades.

Statistics Canada expects Canada’s labour force to get a lot older and a lot more ethnically diverse over the next two decades. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

5 ways Canada’s workforce will change in 20 years…    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/stor…

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Posted: Aug 17, 2011 12:37 PM AT Last Updated: Aug 17, 2011 1:44 PM AT

If current trends continue, Canada’s labour force is going to change drastically over the next 20 years, Statistics Canada said in a report Wednesday.
Here’s the outlook:

After expanding by about four per cent a year in the past, the labour force growth rate will slow to less than one per cent a year by 2031. The workforce is going to get a lot older. In 2001, when the first batch of baby boomers turned 55, only one in 10 Canadian workers was at least that age. By 2031, Statistics Canada expects that ratio to jump to almost one in four. In 1981, there were roughly six people in the labour force for each retiree. By 2031, 50 years later, that ratio will have declined to fewer than three to one.
Twenty years ago, fewer than one in five Canadian workers were born in a different country. By 2031, that ratio is expected to rise to one in three. In 1996, one in 10 Canadian workers was a member of a so-called visible minority. By 2031, that’s expected to be more like one in three. And even if immigration stopped completely from this point on, the percentage of Canadian workers who are a member of a visible minority would still be more than one in five by 2031.

Statistics Canada considers the labour force to be the country’s total of people aged 15 years old or more, who are currently working or actively looking for work.
Any way you slice it, that pool is going to change dramatically, the agency says.
Canada’s statistics agency projected 20 years into the future based on a number of different projections and assumptions. Though the final numbers changed a little, the trend was the same in all cases. “The projections also [are] that … the labour force will become older and increasingly ethnoculturally diverse,” as the agency put it.
The agency cites demographic trends to explain the changes. Specifically, baby boomers will age and exit the workforce, and an increasing percentage of those who will replace them will be immigrants.

The trends were moving in the same direction in every province.
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Budget Travel? Tips For A Successful House Swap

Many years ago I lived on a pretty cool island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada (Salt Spring Island) where the people, their homes and life styles could only be described as a bohemian’s dream. One day my next door neighbour – a single well-traveled independent sort came over to say “I’m going to Ireland and then over to Paris, I’ll be back in two months; a family with two kids will be moving in here for the first month and then a French couple for the second month”

How exotic, how fun, how envious I was…….. She was House Swapping!

As she explained it – there are companies who broker for the two homeowners, and there is insurance in case the worst should happen. But really she would be driving their cars, feeding their pets, locking their doors – as they would be for her. Mutual respect!

I realized this could work! Reciprocal respect and consideration added to an appreciation of living like the ‘locals’ – great concept!

Even smarter – let the neighbours know! We of course invited the ‘neighbours for a month’ to join us when heading into town for a dance, when and where the farmers’ market was, how accurate the ferry schedule was etc….. Telling us meant we got no surprises, we kept an eye on here place and the comings and goings and we helped international relations between Canada and Ireland, and then again Canada and France – we all benefited by the house swap.

Now that I am downsizing to an apartment, I suspect the type of swap might be different – possibly easier on a year round basis with no big coastal home to try to coax along. But – those of you with beach homes, seaside retreats – there are kindred spirits out there who would love to walk a mile on your beach for a change. There are also beach people who’d like a bit of the city culture, or your ski lodge instead of shells…..

Just Google home swap and your country – you’ll be amazed at the options. (Be cautious, don’t get scammed – do your due diligence!) Perhaps check the Better Business Bureau, check on line – if someone has a complaint these days – that’s where to look. Get them to mail you an information package.

Is Home Exchange safe?

Remarkably safe! Experience has shown that even minor incidents are the exception. Your exchange partner is likely to have the same concerns regarding safety and upkeep as you do. Knowing that you are both entrusting your homes to one another, provides a natural incentive to treat it with care. We encourage you to get to know your future house swap partner in advance and to explore information regarding your vacation home, mutual interests as well as cultural highlights in your respective regions. You will feel more at ease, knowing you are entrusting your home to someone with whom you have established a rapport.

Familiarize yourself with your partner’s listing and don’t hesitate to ask detailed questions about the exchange home and your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE:  I have NOT used any of these companies so use your own intuition!

  1. Welcome to JewettStreet.com!…your new boutique home exchange agency.

  2. Home Exchange,Vacation Home Exchange,Home Swapping,Vacation Home Swapping
  3. HomeSwapHolidays http://homeswapholidays.com/page/how-it-works-3.html

How it works

House swapping, also known as home exchange, is where people vacationing or holidaying in other parts of their country or the world can save on accommodation costs by exchanging homes with others. These arrangements are often simultaneous but not always.

It’s free to join, there are no charges involved.  Anyone can browse our lists and contact our members as long as they become a member and submit their own property listing.

To become a member click the ‘Join Us’ link in the menu above. Once you have joined click the ‘Control Panel’ link on the welcome page and you will be taken to your control panel where you can add your property listing. Access to contact details of other members is automatic once your listing has been submitted.

Your home profile
Make the most of your profile page. Our members are not only interested in finding out about your home but also about your locality, things to see and do and places to visit. To help you there are many travel websites that have plenty of information about your home town that you can use for inspiration when composing your description. All you need do is search Google for your location.

Pictures of interesting places near you are always well received and can be found by searching in Google images for your location as well.

House Swap Questions

1. What types of homes are offered?

Most members offer to exchange their homes and apartments and some offer their second homes, in fact any kind of holiday accommodation is acceptable including boats and caravans.

2. Will my name and address appear online?

We value your privacy and your contact information is not made available or visible to anyone until you contact a member using our Private Messaging system. Visitors to the site see your listing, but are unable to contact you directly, unless they take out a membership and even then they wont see your email address until you reply to their Private Message.

3. Do I need a photograph?

Yes we encourage members to upload photographs, which will always attract visitors to your listing and can be changed at any time. Photographs can be of your home and grounds and also of views and attractions in you area.

4. How do I upload photographs?

There is provision with instructions for uploading up to 10 photographs during the listing submission process. These photos can be changed at any time in the future.

5. Is payment required to list my home?

No. Listing your home is free.

6. Can I edit my listing?

Yes. Use your member name and password to log in and access your listing and make any changes at all including your contact information.

7. What shall I do if I forget my password?

Click on the ‘Login’ link then click the ‘Forgot password’ link on the login page. Details for resetting your password will be sent to the email address you enter.

8. What shall I do if my email address changes?

It is up to you to keep your contact information current. Please remember to update your listing with your new email address, so that other members can contact you.

9. Will I save a lot of money by home exchanging?

Yes indeed. Think about it. There will be no more hotel, restaurant or laundry bills. Shopping for food in another country becomes part of the fun if you decide not to eat out every evening.

10. Can I exchange my car?

Yes. Many members offer the use of their car or bikes when exchanging homes. We recommend that you have a formal contract as a safeguard, should any problems occur.

11. How do I arrange an exchange?

It’s simple. Once you join, you are able to contact other members. Browse the listings and Private Message those members whose listings interest you. Introduce yourself and ask if they might be interested in an exchange with you at some time in the future. Don’t forget that other members will read your listing and will also be contacting you!

12. Will anyone want my home?

House swappers are more interested in the location of the home, than the home itself. Your home acts as a base to explore the city and the surrounding area. Homes with photographs and offering more amenities will naturally attract more interest. People are different so there is no hard and fast rules. Rural homes are also of interest to people eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Never underestimate the value of your home – there is always someone out there looking for what you have to offer.

13. Should I be nervous about leaving my home to people I have never met?

It’s natural to be hesitant, but in reality the only problem people occasionally encounter is a difference in housekeeping standards. Don’t forget, they haven’t met you either and will have the same anxieties of you! In fact most exchangers take even greater care of your home than their own and will invariably leave your home cleaner than they found on arrival. We do take your worries seriously and if you have any reasons for complaint against other members, please let us know.

14. What if there are problems when I’m away?

For added peace of mind you can ask a good friend or neighbour who lives nearby to assist, should your exchanger require advice about your home or the neighbourhood? Your friend could also be responsible for welcoming your exchanger at the airport, and handing over the keys to your home.

15. Is insurance necessary?

You should inform your home insurance company that you are leaving your home in the care of non-paying guests, as insurance companies prefer your home to be left occupied at all times. And rather than worry about people you have never met living in your home, just consider the added security you now have knowing someone is caring for your home in your absence.

16. Who pays the bills?

Most people who exchange homes continue paying their own bills, with the possible exception of the phone bill, which can easily be itemised for the exchange period.

17. Should I have some sort of formal agreement?

For peace of mind some members prefer drawing up an agreement which should be signed by both parties prior to an exchange. The agreement should summarise all the issues you have dealt with in your correspondence, in particular, if you are exchanging your car.

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Apartment Therapy / Alyssa’s Artsy Girl Next Door Apartment House Tour

I always love touring through other peoples places, Apartment Therapy does “house tours” here’s one of lovely free spirited (design wise at least) Alyssa – a great reminder that mixing styles, eras and ideas opens up a whole world for decorating freedom to choose to surround yourself with exactly what you love! This site Apartment Therapy is always good for some “research” time.

Alyssa’s Artsy Girl Next Door Apartment
House Tour

alyssa apt-25.jpg

Name: Alyssa Remington and son, Lucien Blu
Location: San Rafael, California
Size: 750 square feet
Years lived in: 1 — rented

Alyssa Remington can go from amazing mother, to creative crafter, to fabulous photographer in three seconds flat. She is one of those unassuming, enviable souls who is amazing at everything she does. When I visited her apartment, I realized one more thing she is good at-creating a beautiful space that celebrates her many talents and interests.


alyssa apt-13.jpg

Alyssa’s apartment has a homey, free-spirited vibe. It makes you want to hang out, cross-legged, with a glass of wine. Inspired by her many travels, she fills her apartment with time-worn relics and antique artwork, combined with her own handmade objects and photography. Gathering treasures from local flea markets and yard sales allowed her to create a space that is happy and relaxed on a small budget. Her photography is instant art and her handmade crafts give the space a look that is artistically homespun.

A true bohemian at heart, Alyssa playfully mixes new and old with abandon. Her artistic nature can be seen in the smallest of statements, whether it be a tiny wooden buddha on her windowsill, or a collection of heart-shaped stones found over the years with her son, Lucien. All these small statements add up to one big-spirited, charming abode.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I grew up at the beach, so I really like my house to feel like you can walk in with sandy feet and a wet bathing suit…casual, comfortable, and colorful.

Inspiration: Flea markets, travel and my mom, who has created the most beautiful, warm and creative living spaces, for as long as I can remember.

Favorite Element: I love every aspect of our kitchen and backyard. But I’d have to say, our art is my all time favorite element; my son’s kindergarten paintings, the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge I found at the Alameda flea market, a vintage poster from our trip to Vietnam and the portrait of my son, painted by a close friend’s father, Udi.

Biggest Challenge: Every time I look for a new apartment, hardwood floors and a bathtub are really high on my wish list… this apartment doesn’t have either (the kitchen sink, built in table and old stove are what ended up winning me over).

What Friends Say: “This place is so you.”

Biggest Embarrassment: I’m really not a fan of carpet. I covered it in the living room with sea grass. My son was thrilled to finally have carpet in his room though, and thinks I’m an absolute nut for caring.

Proudest DIY: The raw wood signs I stamped, and have throughout our house make me pretty happy. I also really like to find old pieces of furniture that need a couple of nails, some paint and a new home. Oh, and my boyfriend made the perfect white bookshelf in my living room.

Biggest Indulgence: I really love cozy, soft bed linens… they don’t have to be fancy, just a really high thread count.

Best Advice: Never leave another country without bringing a little something back for your home.

Dream Sources: European flea market’s or Buenos Aires

Resources of Note:


    • Vintage 60’s Sofa: Beach House Style, Fairfax
    • Antique Trunk/Coffee Table: Alameda Flea Market
    • Vintage White Lamp: Beach House Style, Fairfax
    • Lucien’s Painting: painted by friend, Udi
    • Natural Wooden Bench: Beach House Style, Fairfax


    • Round Woven Pedestal Baskets: IKEA
    • Golden Gate Bridge Painting: Alameda Flea Market
    • Blue Sconce: Alameda Flea Market
    • Table Decor: Anthropologie


    • Door/Headboard: Urban Ore, Oakland
    • Lamp Shade: Anthropologie
    • White Floral Vases: Splendid Little Shoppe
    • Orange Linen Curtains: Pierre Lafond, Santa Barbara


    • Orange Chair: IKEA
    • Orange Lamp: IKEA


    • Boatwood Frames: Beach House Style
    • Beautiful Life Poster: Gift from friend
    • Handmade Artwork & Photography: Alyssa Remington


    • Garden Furniture-Alameda Flea Market, Under the Sun Flea Market, Fairfax

Thanks, Alyssa!

Images: Alyssa Remington
• HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE Check out past house tours here
• Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour Submission Form.
• Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Professional Submission Form.

Stage Your Home and Sell it Fast & Guest Picks: 20 Finds for Staging Your Home from Houzz

As always HOUZZ offers hours of photo hopping and almost too many ideas – as if that’s possible! This post relates to my downsizing, selling my house……. but also to good design practice – EDIT your rooms early and often :)

Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a design-aholic. The former W. Coast Editor of Coastal Living Magazine, I now spread my helpless addiction to publications like the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, TIME, California Home + Design, Sunset Magazine, CNN.com, Design Like You Give a Damn II, and, of course, Houzz.com!

11 Ways to Prep Your House for More Offers and a Quicker Sale

This real estate slump is a real drag, especially if you’re trying to sell your abode. So stage your pad to beat out the competition and draw in more prospective buyers. Most buyers have a hard time looking past pink walls and green shag carpet, so do the legwork for them and present their “new home” on a silver platter. If done smartly, the money spent staging will be made up tenfold in the house sale — and you keep all the hot accessories for yourself afterwards (or unload them on Craigslist).

Here are some tips I used when staging my San Francisco condo. This unit sold within a month and a half for just below asking price. The exact same (un-staged) unit, located one floor down, never even got an offer. So there you have it.

1. Clear it all out. I mean it, girlfriend, move every single thing out of your place. That goes for your beloved troll doll collection, leopard skin rug, and the couch your mom claims you were born on. As sentimental as these things might seem to you, buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space; seeing clothes in the closet, family photos, and random tchotchkes prevents them from doing so. Then place back in only necessary furniture, keeping in mind that you want the space to look BIG, CLEAN, SPACIOUS, and UNCLUTTERED. This isn’t supposed to be a functional room. Nope. As I did in this living area, you can lose the TV, stereo, side tables, and ottomans if it creates more room.

by eva  

2. Freshen up the style. You may be a diehard Shabby Chic follower, but even Rachel Ashwell would agree that not everyone is. Aim for a style that most buyers would like, even if it’s not your cup of tea. Furnishings that seem homey and comforting — yet fresh and contemporary — give an aura that your home is updated and well cared for. Neutrals work best; just add colorful touches here and there. For this office, I used a bright rug to punch in some color and pattern to an otherwise boxy white room. The clear console stands in for a desk (if buyers saw my real desk stacked with papers and dirty coffee mugs, they’d run for the hills). Curtains hide the closet doors and soften the hard walls. Stick-on mirrors from IKEA reflect light and space.

by eva  

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all? Your room, that’s who. Use mirrors liberally to make your area look bigger, lighter, brighter, and encourage sunlight to bounce all over the walls. In this small dining area, the mirror even adds color by reflecting the painting that’s hanging in the living area. How’s that for working double duty?

by eva  

4. Don’t forget the details. Set the table. It’s easy to do and makes a big impact. Buyers walk in and instantly feel welcome, like as if they’re coming over for dinner. Light clean- or non-scented candles, place plush towels and fancy soap in the bathrooms, a breakfast tray on the bed, and a pretty book on the coffee table. If all goes as planned, they’ll want to stay over forever.

by eva  

5. Play with texture. Wallpaper, pillows, rugs, blankets, baskets, and other tactile accessories can play up texture in a room. It’s an easy way for anyone, even my colorblind husband, to add warmth to a blah room. Try grass cloth wallpaper on plain walls that need a little oomph, such as in this master bedroom, where buyers expect to see a little more luxury and style.

by eva

6. Smart accessories. I cleared this kitchen counter of appliances, spice racks, towels, and cooking utensils and left only a few things: a couple of cookbooks and a shiny tea kettle. Random? Not at all. The gourmet cookbooks give the impression that this kitchen is built for serious cooking. It’s called “branding” — and it’s what advertisers bombard you with every day. You’re advertising your home, so buyers need not know that your cooking skills are actually a fire hazard to your own kitchen. The cookbooks here say culinary creations might have been whipped up here.

by eva

7. Small furniture, big space. It’s the trick of the trade: downsize your furnishings to upsize the room. Here, I got rid of the king-size bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a bookcase; can you imagine what this room looked like with all that stuff crammed in there? I replaced it with a queen-size bed, a mirror, and two tiny lamps placed on footstools. That’s it. The one thing I regret is not ironing those sheets very well; it would have looked so much neater.

by eva  

8. Create vignettes. Set up little scenes that help buyers visualize their potential life in this home. For the nursery, I wanted the buyer to walk in and say, “How lovely, I could totally see my future baby sitting in that chair nicely reading a book.” Now, if I can just get my own baby to do that….

by eva

9. Don’t forget the outdoor areas. Those spaces add as much interest for the buyer as the interior rooms. For this unsightly roof deck, I added inexpensive bamboo sheeting to the rail, an outdoor rug, small table and bistro chairs, and a few plants. Now the buyers will see this formerly blank space as an additional living area. Bonus.

by eva

10. White is nice. When in doubt, use white in the bathroom. It spells CLEAN, and that’s what buyers want in a bathroom. Plus, it matches the toilet. (Note the absence of bath rugs, toothbrushes, and fuzzy toilet covers).

by eva

11. Decorative hiding.It’s what Grandma does: throw a pillow over a wine stain, a rug where the cat coughed up a hairball, furniture in front of the crayon mural. It’s called decorative hiding. In this upper-floor condo, I covered the fire escape railings with bamboo sheeting and placed an elegant lemon tree in front of it. Boy, it looked so much better and it hid the neighbor’s hideous backyard from view. Remember, though, this is just for staging purposes; you’ll have to disclose major flaws to the buyer eventually.Try out these tips and let me know how it works out. Cheers to the future sale of your home.More:
20 Finds for Staging Your Home
Find a home stager near youPhotos by Eva Stoyanov

by eva  

Guest Picks: 20 Finds for Staging Your Home

As an Interior Decorator, my goal is to create beautiful, comfortable, timeless spaces inspired by the people who live in them. http://decorhappy.blogspot.com/

Guest Picks: 20 Finds for Staging Your Home

The Right Accessories Could Be the Difference Between a Sale and a Sad Story

No reason to wait until you are selling your home though. These finds will add style, whimsy and charm whether you are moving or not! — Vanessa from Decor Happy

Sisal Chocolate Rug – $29.95 [ Link ]
Eliminate small, utilitarian front door mats in favor of these indoor sisal rugs. They are hard-wearing and stylish, and most entries can handle the 4′ x 6′ size. I have one in a discontinued blue color in my foyer and it looks just as good now as it did five years ago.

by crateandbarrel.com

Outdoor Wall Lantern with Motion Sensor, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish – $44.97 [ Link ]
Replace builder grade outdoor lighting with these oil rubbed bronze beauties. Flanking the garage door or front door, they are sure to make a statement.

by homedepot.com

Marina Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug – $38.00 [ Link ]
I have long admired Dash and Albert rugs for their pattern and colors. These jaunty, striped indoor/outdoor rugs would add personality to a front porch or portico. Perfect for high traffic areas, they are scrub-able and hose-able!

by dashandalbert.com

Yada Cube Planter – $44.99 [ Link ]
I recently used these planters for a blogger charity garden makeover and I have to say they looked stunning when filled with colorful annuals. They look weighty, but are made of lightweight fiberglass. Two of these on a front porch dripping with plants say, “Come on in and see the rest of my beautiful home!”

by homedepot.ca

Textured Ceramic Spheres – $14.00 [ Link ]
Investing in inexpensive accessories like these textured balls will add tons of personality to a bookcase or grouped together in a large wood bowl.

by westelm.com

Cozy Throw – $69.00 [ Link ]
Magazine stylists are fond of placing throws in photographs and it’s no wonder; these chunky throws add oodles of warmth and texture.

by westelm.com

Flatiron Grass Outdoor Throw Pillow – $29.95 [ Link ]
If your sofa is looking a little tired, then wake them up with these graphic, chevron pillows in a fresh, grass color.

by tonicliving.com

GULLAN BLOM Fabric – $5.99 [ Link ]
Once most of your personal photos are taken down, what to do with your bare walls? Inexpensive fabric like this vibrant floral stretched on canvas (available from art supply stores) is an affordable, eye-catching solution.


Fairytale of New York Dreamy Travel Photograph by Irene Suchocki – $30.00 [ Link ]
Art can transform a room. I would hang four similar photograph prints in a grid over a console table in a hallway. Placing them in inexpensive off-white frames will provide a nice contrast to the sepia tones of the photograph.

by etsy.com

SOLBRÄND Tablecloth – $14.99 [ Link ]
If your dining table has seen better days, cover it up with one of these colorful, fun tablecloths.


Footed Fruit Basket – $14.95 [ Link ]
Green apples in a bowl on the kitchen counter is a common staging tip because it always looks fab. This footed wire bowl is practical and adds vintage charm to a kitchen, and would look great piled high with Granny Smiths.

by crateandbarrel.com

SOCKERÄRT Vase – $24.99 [ Link ]
This vase/pitcher will add color to an all-white kitchen. Grouping it with other vases on a counter or shelf will make a pleasant statement.


Felt Storage Bin – $16.00 [ Link ]
Soft yet durable, these felt bins can be used to store just about anything that needs to be tidied away — think papers, toys and odds and ends.

by westelm.com

BYHOLMA Basket – $12.99 [ Link ]
I picked up a few of these baskets for my daughter’s room to corral all of her petite things that little girls tend to have. The gray color is a nice change and the baskets can be used to house all of those important papers that you need at the ready but don’t want to have out for buyers to see.


Stripe Shower Curtain – $39.00 [ Link ]
Who doesn’t love stripes? This shower curtain with bold yellow stripes is sure to add pizzazz to any bathroom.

by westelm.com

Pearl Embroidered Guest Towels, Set of 2 – $19.00 [ Link ]
I would whip out these pretty linen/cotton guest towels whenever potential buyers were coming to view the house. Just don’t let anyone use them!

by potterybarn.com

Spa Hardware – $5.60 [ Link ]
Why not replace the hardware on your bathroom vanity with these aqua handles? A little update like this will make your home memorable to buyers, and that’s the goal when selling.

by leevalley.com

Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover & Sham – $15.00 [ Link ]
There’s nothing like crisp, white bedding to make a bedroom feel fresh, clean and calm. Doing away with colorful cartoon character bedding in children’s rooms in favor of white bedding looks more visually appealing.

by potterybarn.com

GOSA TULPAN Pillow – $11.99 [ Link ]
It’s surprising how many homeowner’s keep the same pillow for 10+ years. They are usually flat and lifeless. Invest in four inexpensive, fluffy pillows to dress your bed, placing two side by side with two on top. It will instantly look more put-together.


Two Soft Green Pillows – $48.00 [ Link ]
These throw cushions will add a touch of whimsy and up the cute factor in a child’s room. The price given is for two cushions — can’t beat that!Next: More guest blogger product picks

by etsy.com

Designer Tricks for Small Spaces – Coastal Living

Designer Tricks for Small Spaces

Check out these mini spaces with mega style! We share our top design secrets for how to get the most out of your square footage.

via Designer Tricks for Small Spaces – Coastal Living.

Compact living room with art and accessories
Lofted bed with galvanized buckets for storage

Quirky Cool

Make use of a lofted bed and slip galvanized buckets underneath to hold blankets and extras. Think outside the box—kitschy Christmas lights are a fun alternative to a typical light fixture. Go for an odd shape, like these reclaimed shotgun shells.

Custom built-in modern bed

Go with the Low

Even though modern design is typically stark and minimal, you don’t need thousands of square feet to pull off the look. Overhead cabinets and custom rolling drawers that fit under the bedframe work in a tiny loft or a sprawling pad and still maintain the clean, contemporary lines.
Living room with sectional sofa

Timeless Design

Sectional sofas don’t have to be heavy or cumbersome—choose a gorgeous upholstered option. Instead of a coffee table, try an old trunk or chest. They add character and offer ample storage for throws, games, and books. Wall sconces are wonderful because they free up end tables for accessories.

Galley kitchen with breakfast bar

Functional with Flair

Lighting and paint are some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to open up a small space. Natural sunlight streaming through windows gives an airy, natural quality to milky white paint from floor to ceiling. Mini extras, like the ceiling pendant and under-the-counter fridge, are key.

All in all there are 26 examples of Tricks for small spaces – well worth a few moments of stolen time to have a peek at these ideas.